All information on this page serves as a guide and should not be considered as financial, legal or tax advice.. You are recommended to appoint a Spanish lawyer to legally represent you in the sale of your property.

Please see below a check list of the documents required in order to sell your Spanish property

Please note that if you do not intend to be present in Spain for the completion of the sale (the signing of your property at the public notary) you will need to appoint your lawyer with Power of Attorney to sell the property on your behalf in your absence..

Fees and taxes payable on completion of Sale

The costs involved for the seller: -

Plus Valia tax. This is a municipal tax payable to the local council, based on the increase of the official land value from the date you purchased the property to the date you sell the property. It is advisable to ask your lawyer to calculate this before putting your property on the market

If there is mortgage on the property, the seller is liable to pay the costs to cancel their mortgage on completion of the sale.


The 3% retention tax is payable when a non-resident sells a property in Spain. On completion of the sale the buyer of the property is required to retain 3% of the purchase price and pay it to the tax office. This is an administrative process and is refundable the tax office will check whether there are any outstanding taxes payable by the seller (such as the annual non-resident tax and capital gains tax) before returning any funds.

Spanish Resident

If the seller is a Spanish resident and can provide proof of their Spanish tax residency (Hacienda Tax Residency Certificate). The buyer is not obliged to retain 3% of the purchase price.

Transfering Money Home

The process of selling your property in Spain and transferring the funds back home can cost you considerably more than you anticipated. Using a high street bank to transfer your funds can cost anything from hundreds to thousands of pounds in charges, depending on which bank you use. Using a currency Specialist is a cost-effective, secure and simple solution to help reduce unnecessary fees and maximise your profit